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Public Picasso: Public Picasso, a band emerging from the mountains above Denver, Colorado has an eclectic sound pulling inspiration across four decades of soundscapes. Blending catchy indie pop lyrics with surf rock inspired anthems, Public Picasso evokes comparison anywhere from Peach Pit, to Nirvana, to The Velvet Underground. The band consists of brothers Sky Schapiro and Grey Schapiro (singers/song writers and guitarists), Nathan Erbe (bass guitar) and Mike Lepine (Drummer) Contact:

Unnamed Moons: Unnamed Moons is the phantom, electric folk project of Carly Howard that includes Gioja Antonette, Jared Lacy, and Jordan Ament. Expect hauntingly beautiful, lyrically driven melodies, girl on girl harmonies, a glock, bass and drums thrown in for good measure. A female led band with ethereal harmonies, if Unnamed Moons was a flower, it would be a daphne. If it were a bird, well... you get to decide....! Come and listen for yourself ❤

$10 adv // $15 at door